這個條目是關於Saber版本的Ryougi Shiki.。要查詢 4★ Star Assassin 版本條目,參見 Ryougi Shiki (Assassin).

Bryn2 這個英靈是限定從者。它只能在特定的召喚活動中獲得。沒有該活動的時候,就無法召喚到。目前尚未有進入永久召喚庫的消息。



★ ★ ★ ★ ★

日文名: 両儀式〔セイバー〕
別名: Void Shiki
ID: 91 Cost: 16
ATK: 1656/10721 HP: 2266/15453
聖杯 ATK: 11736 聖杯 HP: 16929
聲優: Sakamoto Maaya 繪師: 武内崇
屬性: Man 成長曲線: S
星星獲得: 102 星星產生: 9.9%
攻擊寶具充能 : 0.84% 防禦寶具充能: 3%
即死抵抗: 24.5%
分類: 女, Humanoid, Servant, Weak to Enuma Elish
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主動技能 被動技能 寶具 靈基再臨 技能強化 友情度 生理資訊

Ryougi Shiki (Saber) was available for summoning during the Kara no Kyoukai Collaboration Event.

持有技能 编辑


Mystic Eyes of Death Perception


Cloud Shine


Yin Yang

職階技能 编辑

Anti magic
對魔力 A
Debuff resist +20%.
Independent action
Independent Manifestation C
自身爆擊威力 +6%.
Debuff resist +6%.
Death resist +6%.
Connection to the Root A
Quick performance +6%.
Arts performance +6%.
Buster performance +6%.

寶具 编辑

Mukushiki Kara no Kyoukai
Rank 分類 類型
EX 對人 Arts
等級 1 2 3 4 5
增加傷害 450% 600% 675% 712.5% 750%
充能 100% 200% 300% 400% 500%
Instant Death Chance 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%

靈基再臨 编辑

素材 1 素材 2 素材 3 素材 4 QP
第1 劍階銀棋 x5 100,000
第2 劍階銀棋 x12 虛影之塵 x15 300,000
第3 劍階金像 x5 鳳凰羽毛 x8 混沌之爪 x3 1,000,000
第4 劍階金像 x12 混沌之爪 x6 蠻神心臟 x5 3,000,000


素材 1 素材 2 素材 3 素材 4 QP
第1 劍之輝石 x5 200,000
第2 劍之輝石 x12 400,000
第3 劍之魔石 x5 1,200,000
第4 劍之魔石 x12 鳳凰羽毛 x4 1,600,000
第5 劍之秘石 x5 鳳凰羽毛 x8 4,000,000
第6 劍之秘石 x12 虛影之塵 x10 5,000,000
第7 虛影之塵 x20 八連雙晶 x6 10,000,000
第8 八連雙晶 x18 鬼魂提燈 x24 12,000,000
第9 傳承結晶 x1 20,000,000

數據 编辑

筋力: E
耐久: A
敏捷: C
魔力: B
幸運: A
寶具: B+

生理資訊 编辑

身高/體重: 160cm ・ 47kg
典故: Kara no Kyoukai
來自國家: Mifune City - 日本
陣營: True Neutral

The woman who was glimpsed at the irregular Singularity, the Boundary.
A shining kimono, elegant bearing, and judgment filled with affection -
All of these define the "every-day life" even in abnormal situations.
Because her existence itself is uncertain, she stays uninvolved in numerous bizarre incidents even while knowing about their full stories.

A distinguished individual that normally can't be encountered.
However - if you are to meet her,
It would be on a snowy day when everyone is asleep.

Unfortunately, her cat attribute has slightly decreased.

The same person as the girl who wears a leather jacket over a kimono, Ryougi Shiki. However, she has a different personality.
If Ryougi Shiki is a girl with the name, 「Shiki」, this individual is a woman with the name, 「Ryougi Shiki」.
The personality of the body itself, embodying 「 」 that represents the beginning.
She slumbers within Shiki from her birth to her death.

Shiki can't perceive「Ryougi Shiki」, and 「Ryougi Shiki」 will never take Shiki's place.

Gentle and yet uninterested.
An invincible "older sister" character. Even while being omniscient, she enjoys meaningless chatter over meaningful dialogues.
She may seem like a very womanly individual, but her true nature is that of a girl.

Being a mere illusion, she will leave no trace of herself in your memories once you wake up from your dream in order to save you from the grief.

Yin Yang A
Raden of Yin and Yang.
In order to remember an existence, one must abandon the existence.
In order to save an existence, one must forget the existence.
Longing and return are two sides of the same coin.
Just like life and death.

Paradox Spiral. This Shiki recovers HP by losing NP.

Amalavijñāna: Boundary of Emptiness
Rank: EX
Type: Anti-Unit
Range: 1 ~ 999
Maximum number of targets: 64 people

Using the theory of the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, this attack severs the opponents' lines of death.
The sword stroke of the afterlife released from nirvana bestows peace to all existence.

Connection to the Root A
All existence originates from 「 」 and follows 「 」.
Separating the Ryougi, rotating the four phenomena, and assembling the eight trigrams.
Revealing the Truth of the world.
The Ryougi is the yin-yang of the Taijitu.
Her name comes from the "shiki" of suushiki and the "shiki" of shikigami.

In other words, the mark of an all-powerful wish machine.
For those who possess this Skill, regular parameters become meaningless.

- Translation by MasterofChaos of Beast's Lair and Zodiac21

軼事 编辑

  • Ryougi Shiki is the protagonist of TYPE-MOON's early light novel series Kara no Kyoukai. She has also made cameo appearances in Melty Blood and Fate/EXTRA.
  • Based on the Fate/Ace Royal card game, Ryougi Shiki can also be summoned in the Berserker class.
  • Saber Shiki's stage 2 outfit is from the TYPE-MOON Fes. 10th Anniversary Event. She also wore the outfit at a party in Mirai Fukuin.