英靈 插曲



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日文名: フィン・マックール
別名: Finn MacCool
ID: 87 Cost: 12
ATK: 1488/8930 HP: 2040/12750
聖杯 ATK: 10812 聖杯 HP: 15459
聲優: Miki Shinichirou 繪師: Moriyama Daisuke
屬性: Sky 成長曲線: Reverse S
星星獲得: 89 星星產生: 12.3%
攻擊寶具充能 : 0.55% 防禦寶具充能: 4%
即死抵抗: 32%
分類: Divine, Humanoid, Servant, Weak to Enuma Elish
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主動技能 被動技能 寶具 靈基再臨 技能強化 友情度 生理資訊

持有技能 编辑

千里眼 B
等級 12345678910
增加星星掉落率 19%20.9%22.8%24.7%26.6%28.5%30.4%32.3%34.2%38%
冷卻 8888877776

禍水紅顏 A
Grant self chance of evasion for 1 turn.
Draws attention of all enemies to self for 1 turn.
Reduces own resistance to charm by female enemy by 80% for 3 turns.
等級 12345678910
Chance of evasion 60%64%68%72%76%80%84%88%92%100%
冷卻 12121212121111111110

魔術 B
等級 12345678910
Arts + 24%25.6%27.2%28.8%30.4%32%33.6%35.2%36.8%40%
冷卻 7777766665
Fionnicon Emiyaassassinicon

職階技能 编辑

Anti magic
對魔力 B
自身弱化狀態耐性提升 17.5%.
神性 D
增加自身傷害 125.

寶具 编辑

Mac an Luin
Undefeated Violet Flower
Rank 分類 類型
A 對軍 Arts
Deals damage to all 敵人.
Reduces the attack of all 敵人 for 3 turns.
Gain immunity to mental debuffs for 3 turns.
等級 1 2 3 4 5
增加傷害 450% 600% 675% 712.5% 750%
充能 100% 200% 300% 400% 500%
減少攻擊力 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%

Mac an Luin
無敗紫 草
Rank 分類 類型
A+ 對軍 Arts
等級 1 2 3 4 5
增加傷害 600% 750% 825% 862.5% 900%
充能 100% 200% 300% 400% 500%
減少攻擊力 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%

靈基再臨 编辑

素材 1 素材 2 素材 3 素材 4 QP
第1 槍階銀棋 x4 50,000
第2 鳳凰羽毛 x5 槍階銀棋 x10 150,000
第3 凶骨x24 混沌之爪 x3 槍階金像 x4 500,000
第4 混沌之爪 x5 虛影之塵 x20 槍階金像 x10 1,500,000


素材 1 素材 2 素材 3 素材 4 QP
第1 槍之輝石 x4 100,000
第2 槍之輝石 x10 200,000
第3 槍之魔石 x4 600,000
第4 槍之魔石 x10 凶骨x12 800,000
第5 槍之秘石 x4 凶骨x24 2,000,000
第6 槍之秘石 x10 鳳凰羽毛 x4 2,500,000
第7 鳳凰羽毛 x7 八連雙晶 x5 5,000,000
第8 蛇之寶玉 x16 八連雙晶 x15 6,000,000
第9 傳承結晶 x1 10,000,000

數據 编辑

筋力: B+
耐久: B
敏捷: A+
魔力: C
幸運: C
寶具: B+

生理資訊 编辑

身體/體重: 181cm ・ 53 kg
典故: Fate/Grand Order
來自國家: Celtic Mythology
所屬: True Neutral

As a Lancer, he treats the spear and healing abilities as his Noble Phantasm.

Serving the High King of Erinn, he was a man who attained appropriate achievements to be celebrated as both the leader and the greatest knight in the glorious Knights of Fianna. He defeated in battle the fallen Divine Spirit Aillen, the magic boar, the horse of the underworld and in the end even his divine ancestor, the War God Nuadha. It has been said that he was a magnanimous man who, in times of peace, spent his days quietly while carrying out hunts and the likes with his subordinates in the knight order.

He underwent an impeccable journey as a great hero, but also had a fate of trouble with women. His first hardship was becoming charmed by a beautiful sisters and receiving a curse. His misfortune continued afterwards; seven years were stolen from him by a conflict with a fairy over his first wife and the dispute concerning his third wife, Grainne, caused the glorious knight order to collapse.

Maybe it was not that there was a problem with the women, but he himself that was at fault-- until the very end, Fionn mac Cumhaill never came to think like this. "What exactly went wrong?" Even now, after becoming a Heroic Spirit and manifesting as a Servant, he still does not understand.

Since he also worked for the sake of the High King of Ireland while alive, he has no reluctance about operating under somebody as a Servant. As a hero, he desires to work for the sake of the people. In addition, maybe because he has manifested in a youthful appearance, the orientation of his mentality is "younger" than that of his last years (but still possesses the memories all the way until his last years).

Mac an Luin - Undefeated Violet Flower
Rank: A
Type: Anti-Army

It possesses effects such as autonomous attack functions and negation of mental interference. If the True Name is released, it fires a single attack that is accompanied by a violent torrent of "water" that the War God Nuadha administers.

The True Name comes from a inscription about his supposed favorite sword. Said sword is every now and then regarded in the same light as a spear, and it was assimilated with the spear that killed the Divine Spear Aillen upon being established as a Noble Phantasm.